Creole Thrift


I thought I’d share some pages from a fun design style book I rediscovered on my bookshelf today. Creole Thrift by Angele Parlange is a fun book that covers everything from Louisiana tree swings to how to carry large thrift finds home on a bike. It’s fun to flip through the pages filled with sepia-toned photos, family history and some great rooms. Enjoy!





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2 Responses to Creole Thrift

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I just picked the book up at the library and read it front to back. You just get lost in her stories about toddies and the old southern names are fascinating! She talks about Katrina at the end of the book and mentions her house, but she never said whether the family home was damaged. I hope it survived, it sounds incredible

  2. Very “anthroplogie-esque”. Cool!

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