Great things come when you least expect



Last weekend, I had an unexpected and great dinner with friends I had not seen in way too long. Laura and her husband barbecued a perfect tri-tip, shrimp skewers and asparagus (in celebration of the local asparagus festival that was in town). For dessert, we had homemade strawberry shortcake that was simply delish.


Laura’s backyard is probably one of my favorite places. Everywhere you look, there is beautiful, artsy eye candy: Interesting lanterns, cacti, a swinging bed, colorful rugs, a hammock chair in a tree. And then there’s my favorite, the chandelier over her patio table that has beads hanging all over it:


It also means so much to me that they love my dog, Sara, and let me bring her over to roam through lush yard and flirt with their adorable indoor kitty, Bindi (because she has an orange dot on her head). Though they are both timid toward each other, it’s obvious Sara and Bindi will be great friends before too long. Below, Bindi poses like the beautiful kitty she is, the dog and cat check each other out through a window, and lastly, Laura gave Bindi her very own feline art by her food and water dishes. So cute!


Laura’s a great artist, and her home reflects that. You can read her creative little blog here.

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2 Responses to Great things come when you least expect

  1. lucy says:

    YOU ARE the cats meow. YOU are a sparkle in my eye. YOU are the confetti in the frosting on my cupcake. YOU are the sauce to my pasta. YOU are the bees knees. YOU…….Well you get it, I think you are simply awesome! xoxo. laura p.s. We need to PLAN a BBQ so that I can see my long lost partner in crime, Ms. Jen of the crazy chickens.

  2. YES you must!!!! I miss Laura of the painted world and ms. Lorena de las mariposas. Maddie miss you too. She wants to paint!

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