A little camera happy

sac2_a1Happy Sunday night. Tomorrow I get to spend most of my working hours in the foothill town of Murphys at Ironstone Vineyards. Their having a press luncheon to kick off their summer concert series. I hope they have some cool acts this year (Sheryl Crow performed last year). I’m more excited about going to the beautiful countryside since I’ve never been there before, and hopefully I’ll come back with some pictures to share.

I spent most of the weekend doing homework, but here are a couple of highlights:

An unexpected dinner with good friends. Finished a research paper on creative writing. Got a little insight on my future (words like “Morocco” and “English” were  mentioned). I finally got a chance to work on these photos from earlier in the week.

My last blog was about my after-school evening in Sacramento. Well here are the rest of the pictures (or some of them). I get a little camera happy when I’m in a new place, but I hope you don’t mind.


These couple of photos are of this great little coffee shop somewhere near the Capitol. I don’t even know the name of it (but if you’re really interested, I’ll find out …cus I’ll be going back). It was this charming little place that looks and feels like an A-frame cottage. There are flower planters and little tables outside, and it’s right in the middle of the city. It’s so weird, but awesome.


What was super crazy is how this coffee and tea shop is right on the edge of an alley. It’s like super dark world versus this little fairy tale place.










Also at this coffee shop was this guy Maggie and I fell in love with. He had awesome dress shoes on with super skinny jeans and just awesome hair. He sat outside near us, smoking and drinking coffee and texting on his phone. I really wanted to ask him to pose, but I knew it was too dark and I’m not that bold yet. This is all I have of him, but I think Maggie and I will both cherish it (him).



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One Response to A little camera happy

  1. iheartfilm says:

    I like the magazine shots.

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