to-do_listI’m so excited! Next month, I’m taking eight days to visit Long Beach. I haven’t been there in a year, since Adelena’s first birthday. That trip was a whirlwind, as I’m sure this one will be too. This time, I am prepared to wear myself out visiting college friends, going to my favorite restaurants and doing the things I can’t do anytime.

I started this list the other day at Peet’s Coffee, and finished it during a Julius Caesar lecture in my Shakespear class.

Here’s a rundown of the list. Please make suggestions, and if I left you off, tell me!

1.) Visit Portfolio Coffeehouse on Fourth Street. That’s where I used to make everyone study with me. 2.) Adelena’s 2nd birthday party . Hooray! 3.) Eat at my favorite restaurant, C&O Trattoria near the Venice Beach pier. It has the best environment (ourside seating under heat lamps) and you sing, “That’s Amore” as a group. 4.) Play camera with Christine, my oh-so-talented friend. 5.) Meet Cerah Maya, Part II — It’s just wrong that it still hasn’t happened. 6.) Visit Gabi and her the beau who is described as perfection. Does he have a brother? 7.) Eat Super Spuds at Potholder Cafe. 8.) Make Sheryl watch “Sex and the City: The Movie” — I can’t believe you still haven’t seen it! 9.)Dinner/Dinner Party/BBQ? 10.) Love on Kat and Janice, my two old roomies left in the area … hmm, wonder if Deb will be in town?? 11.) Belmont Shore/Second Street/Shorehouse 12.) Get everyone together for Moroccan night at Babouch in San Pedro. 13.) Des … we like to go to L.A., Hollywood .. however, are you in D.C. that week? 14.) Bon Fire at Bolsa Chica Beach …That might be too ambitious. 15.) Do nothing (except watch TV and edit pictures I plan on taking). 16.) Cook something fun for Sheryl and Ade. 17.) Go to Tuttles. 18.) Take more pictuers.

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