Just a regular Second Saturday


One great thing Sacramento has is Second Saturday, the monthly art walk through midtown. This past Saturday, my sister and her friend were visiting from out of town, so I decided to drag them along for a little evening of art and music on the street.

We ate at a tapas restaurant on J Street, where we, oddly, feasted on gourmet burgers and pasta — the anti-tapas. We each ordered a mint lemonade that was like a virgin mint mojito.

After our early dinner, we split up and I met Maggie at Newsbeat, a newsstand on L Street. Maggie lives in the neighbor and makes it a ritual to visit Newsbeat every weekend for her weekly issue of the Wall Street Journal. I loved the place. I’d been wanting to go for a while to feed on my need for new magazines and cutesy little notebooks and purses — and Mamba candy

After sipping iced mochas under a sprawling tree on the street corner, Layla joined us. We wandered from gallery to gallery, performer to performer. There is a store that is kind of like a gallery with its Mexican folklore, sacred hearts and Dia De Los Muertos dolls. I think that stuff is so fun.


We also met a collage artist who set up shop on a corner just because he was driving through. He has some really amazing stuff, including a portfolio filled with rivers and mountains made from tiny pieces of paper all glued together.

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2 Responses to Just a regular Second Saturday

  1. I like very much the paper collage, this is something out of the ordinary!

  2. Maggie Creamer says:

    Uhh… it’s the New York Times… duh! Haha. I love that picture of you sister and Greg. Looks very artsy! I can’t wait to go again next month!

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