Making love to deviled eggs


Here are more Easter food photos. I just can’t help it. I just feel like so much time and creativity goes into creating holiday meals that get demolished in minutes. My family and I waited all weekend for Easter dinner. We got a sampling of a deviled egg here, a bite of slow-cooked roast there. In the meantime, I took pictures of it. In my family, that’s strange. At an art gallery the previous night, my sister said oh-so-loudly, “Is that a picture of a chicken leg?” It was a chicken leg (a very creative one), but it was so obvious she thought it was the stupidest thing ever, and she didn’t hold back even though the photographer was there, too. So I didn’t feel too bad when I was told to get away from the table and stop making love to the deviled eggs.

Anyway, the dinner was excellent. I don’t even really like roast, but it was AMAZING. My favorite part, as always, was the green Jell-O salad that has been in our family forever.

Next up, I’ll post dessert …

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2 Responses to Making love to deviled eggs

  1. churchmouse says:

    So nice to see someone else makes devilled eggs, too! So simple and yet so tasty. It wouldn’t be Easter without them.

  2. Blia says:

    I’m LOVIN your blog! You’ve got my brain juices flowing with images of food and fruit stands… I’m itching to cook and take pictures!!

    BTW, missed you Monday, but I’m sure you were in a food coma, right? I know I’d be. ^_-
    Keep it up, I look forward to more food porn!!

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