Waking up to the smell of sweet buns on Easter morning


This morning, I woke up in a bed surrounding by snoring bodies: a Great Dane and Shitzu who were keeping my feet warm and my visiting sister who was bogarting the body pillow.

As soon as I opened the bedroom door, my senses were awakened with a warming aroma of dough and powdered sugar. My mom, inspired by the previous day’s recipe on Martha Stewart, was in the middle of making Martha’s mothers hot cross buns with currants.

My mom loves to bake, and holidays give her the perfect excuse (even though every holiday, she says it’s the last time she’s cooking). As family, dogs and guests made their way downstairs, my mom greeted us with “Happy Resurrection Day,” a cup of strong coffee with warm cream and hot cross buns (the dogs, of course, didn’t get coffee).

It was a busy, great day filled with wonderful company, more of mom’s cooking and a few hours (post-Easter dinner) passed out on the couch. I hope you all had a great day enjoying something you love — or, not doing anything at all. I have lots of pictures from the weekend — including an art walk and freckle-faced niece who wants to be a singer —  that I’ll be posting throughout the week.

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One Response to Waking up to the smell of sweet buns on Easter morning

  1. Jen says:

    Did you shoot those hot cross buns?! You don’t need me to come back or any other stinking photographer! You got it handled! Nice stuff….

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