Loving work by photographer Marcus Nilsson


I’m a writer, right?


foodSo why do I always post photos?

Because photographs tell their own stories that I love just as much as the written word. Words offer an insight photos can’t, but photos provide something unique that not all writing can capture.

I spent my childhood loving magazines. I’d read them — and then chop them up and make them into artsy collages that now fit into their own popular artsy genre. I wanted to write the stories I read in “Seventeen,” “NYLON” and “YM,” so I became a journalist.

Recently, I realized something I had never thought about before. Even as a young girl, I loved the magazines for the photos just as much the stories. I just never thought of the two together. Of course, I know that photos and news stories go together, but they do as an art as well. It’s hard to explain, but it was a small epiphany.

Since I’ve become more interested in photography, I’ve spent a lot of time being inspired by great photographers on blogs, on Flickr and on personal Web sites.

A couple of weeks ago I found Marcus Nilsson’s Web site. It blew me away. I looked at every portfolio, every photo, every tear sheet. I found a whole new way to look at food photography. Nilsson photographs for Gourmet, Travel+Leisure, Bon Appetite, Martha Stewart Living and more.

I write about a lot of restaurants, and the photographer and I usually do our best to bring out the positive in the restaurant. However, Nilsson doesn’t exactly do that. He photographs cans of soda, crumbs, already-biitten-into sandwiches and the true life of the staff. I love that not everything has to be perfect, but it still looks beautiful.

I’m pretty sure that even if I were not a writer, I’d still be in the business, perhaps as a food photographer.


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