Summer lovin’


I was looking through photos from last summer, and it only made me want summer more. (Top, L-R:) My niece, Sophia, wearing my glasses in the pool; feet!; Frenzy and paddle on Mokelumne sand. (Middle:) Kayak trip to Bear River. So fun!; (Bottom, L-R:) Four kayaks loaded on top of the Yukon (yes, scary); Sara in the summer field; out yaks during lunch break.

I know spring has only just begun, but summer is already calling my name. Every day has been so bright and sunny. Working in the backyard yesterday, I got the year’s first glimpse of that dry summer heat. I welcomed it. Today, I hope for more.

All I’ve wanted to do lately is take in sun and nature, but as everyone keeps reminding me, “It’s not time yet.” I’m ready to get the kayaks out and paddle in places I’ve never paddled, as well as places I got to know last summer. I even thought of going out with my dad on one of his weekend fishing trips and kayaking near him while he anchors or trolls for whatever fish is in season. He, too, reminded me: “It’s not time yet. The water is freezing.” This, I know. At the same time I think, sometimes you have to pay a small price, such as enduring freezing water, to enjoy the things you love. (After all, I don’t plan on flipping.)


This was my first kayak. Soon after, I upgraded to a larger model that has enough room for my dog to ride on front.

There are other parts I love about summer, too. Finding the first red tomatoes of the year. Lazy days where you’re all alone by the pool. Lazy days where you’re with friends by the pool. Watermelon and after-swim movies. Days on the patio boat — or any boat. I even love hanging out on my dad’s back porch, just because summer seems to radiate so much more in the country.

I was hoping to ‘yak today (but Laura got her lips tattooed and can’t go in the sun … P.S. I think you’re hilarious). I also thought of tagging along with my dad to a 5 a.m. fishing trip to Tiger Creek (yes, a beautiful, beautiful place where my mom, sister and I were attacked by leaches), but I wasn’t quite sure about the whole 5 a.m. on a Sunday thing.

I’m still excited for this Sunday because the sun is peeking through the blinds and I can hear the Woodpecker enjoying his morning workout. I get to tag along on an outdoor photo shoot and then hangout with some good friends.

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