The Secret Garden (Locke, part 1)


This entire weekend has been so sunny and beautiful. On Saturday, I got outdoors and went to the Chinese river town of Locke with my friend Maggie. She’s from Missouri and had never seen the Delta. Behind the little downtown and really small neighborhood (if you want to call it that) there are community gardens that remind me of secret gardens I read about in novels when I was 12.

There are funky art pieces sprouting up from overgrown grass. There’s a single red locker (that I couldn’t get open). Trees with branches that wind their way to heaven. Sheds with balls of yarn and old bottles of I-don’t-know-what.

42We took my Ausie/Chow, Sara, along for the ride. She had a ton of fun scoping out the hammock, tall bamboo and rusted metal “stuff. She likes to pretend she’s a real outdoorsy dog.


It’s such an enchanting place, and not matter how often I visit, I discover something new. We “hiked” through a little mud and blackberry vines along one of the sloughs, and swore we’d wear something other than flip-flops and ballet flats the next time. We went up onto a grassy levee between the water and orchards, and it was just beautiful.We walked until we hit a wall of blackberry bushes before the water.


After our walk, we were so hungry. Normally, we probably would have gone to the oh-so-amazing Al’s Place for burgers (click here to see my older post on Al’s), but Maggie’s not really a beef kind of person, and we wanted a pet-friendly place. We opted for this little sandwich and ice cream shop where you can sit outside across the street from the river. We ate turkey sandwiches (with a lot of the turkey going to Sara) and then feasted on ice cream (Sara got a little too).

With full tummies, we went back to Locke and walked around Main Street. I’ll post those pics tomorrow.

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