Some earrings and a relaxing weekend


I wanted to share some earrings I made last month. They’re pretty much made from recycled materials. Translation: The beads are from my favorite necklace that fell apart. I gave them to my sister for her birthday, and she actually wears them (a lot of my creations are sometimes too weird for people to actually use).

Anyway, I didn’t exactly do too much creative stuff this weekend, because I was:

1. Eating Vietnamese food (twice in one weekend; best part was being going with friends).
2. Reading the entire play, “Merchant of Venice” (for a Shakespeare class).
3.Watching the 1971 Lolita-eque film, “Claire’s Knee” (I saw the movie poster in the background of a Vogue fashion spread).
4. Finishing up an assignment for a freelance job (which, if you remember, is a New Year’s Resolution I followed through with).
5. Hanging at the dog park (which, I might add, is surprisingly the place to be on Saturday afternoons).

Now that it’s Sunday night, only an hour and five minutes from DHW, I’m trying to be positive about a new week. I’m not going to let myself feel tired or overwhelmed with work and school. I’m not going to hit the snooze button or wait to get up until I hear the answer to the morning trivia question on the radio. I’m going to brew my own damn coffee, instead of going to Starbucks (if I have any coffee left).

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One Response to Some earrings and a relaxing weekend

  1. lucy says:

    we were so happy to see you, we love our friend Lorena. I love your earrings, you are so talented in the jewlery dept. I also recognize what the earrings are sitting on. I LOVE IT 🙂 and i love that you love it.

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