The Daily Coyote and Vespa Vagabond


Every once in a while, I am inspired by women who do the things I don’t have the guts to do. A little over a year ago I was obsessed with Mary South, this magazine editor who bought a steel trawler, quit her job and hit the seas without knowing much about fishing, boats or the water. I read her book (The Cure for Anything is Salt Water), the article about her in O magazine and was so disappointed when I found her blog that said she was selling my boat (yes, it had become mine). I tried thinking of ways to buy it, but realized it was probably bad idea considering I was stuck under student loans, and she did it with quite a bit of savings (as well as mula from selling a house).


Recently, I discovered Shreve Stockton, another person who packed up, picked up and changed her life. On her Web site, Stockton talks about her journey:

I’m 31. I live in a town of 300 people, where it’s a sixty mile trip  to the nearest grocery store and not uncommon to swing by the post office or bar on horseback … In 2005, I had plans to move from San Francisco back to New York City – plans that were derailed whentinytiny I rode through Wyoming (on a Vespa!) and fell in love with (it). I went on to New York, but a month later turned around, returned to Wyoming, and moved to the area where I had only spent one day. (Click here to read the older entries, the site that drew me in).

So, she pretty much rented a place on a ranch, hooked up with a hottie and ended up adopting a baby coyote after its mother was killed. The coyote is named Charlie.

spaz2She photographed Charlie every day from the time he was a baby until now. It lead to her blog, and now her recently-published book, The Daily Coyote. There are photos of Charlie curled up with his baby Eli (the cat) and his puppy-sister, Chloe. There are photos of Charlie running crazy through corn and just being in beautiful nature. No matter what the photo is, it’s obvious Charlie has a great, loving personality.

Reading her blog archives really made me miss the country, like, true country.  Sometimes I really wish I could just quit my job and move to the mountains in Montana and just have a bunch of dogs. I mean, I already have three dogs — how much harder would 10 or 20 additional dogs be?

photo344So, I know you might be wondering: Doesn’t Lauren mean coyotes? No, I don’t want to raise a coyote. In reading Stockton’s blog, I wasn’t really shocked to hear about the people who killed adult coyotes because they wanted to be like her and raise a coyote. That’s just ridiculous (I really don’t think some people deserve dogs — (or children)). While she says Charlie changed her life forever, there are so many difficulties. She can’t just pick up and moved back to San Francisco. Though he can walk on a leash, she doesn’t take him into town; he has hundreds of acres to roam. She doesn’t know how he’ll act around everyone. She pretty much has to plan her life around her pet (and I totally get it).shreve-vespa-u1I fell in love with the Charlie and the Daily Coyote blog the first time I saw them. So, I was super excited to find out about Stockton’s second blog, Vespa Vagabond. She’s not really updating it right now (that’s what snow storms and a book deal will do) but you can read the awesome archives and glance at equally cool travel photos.

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5 Responses to The Daily Coyote and Vespa Vagabond

  1. iheartfilm says:

    Thanks for sharing that. Funny stuff.


  2. bexadler says:

    OMG I’ve wanted a Vespa forever, and now this makes me want one even more! When I graduate, if I have enough money, I’m totally travelling the country on a Vespa. You should come too!

  3. joanne says:

    I am just now reading the Daily Coyote. I am from the south shore of Boston, I moved to Medicine Bow, WY for a job on a ranch in 1974 and stayed around the state, and MT and CO too, going to school, marry, kids and working until 2000, left for a job in Idaho. Came back to MA in 2004. Thinking seriously of going back to a potential job in WY. There aren’t too many jobs available anywhere.
    But, being 54, I am scared to leave my grand child.
    The book is bringing tears to my eyes, it is ssooo true.
    I hunted coyotes with a contracted pilot around the state(WY) for years before he left me for someone else, he died in a plane crash in MT, 2007,I had married later in 80.

  4. I understand what you mean about looking at a very different life that you might have chosen, I do that too, sometimes with close friends and relatives (my sister lives in S.E. Asia and has an art gallery among other pursuits, my aunt and uncle are restoring a beautiful old barge in Sandwich, England, and my mom lives in a 500+ year old house she restored in S.W. France). Shreve’s photos of her life and coyote are so beautiful, I love your photos too!
    I saw in your ‘more about…’ that you like gypsies and from the look of your blog I thought you might like the pictures here:
    Nice blog!

  5. Darvinia says:

    Charlie and Wild

    I too greatly enjoyed reading about Coyote Charlie; and learning of his devotion with self-assertion.

    I stumbled across a delightful blog by Lynne Blair in Arizona, about habituated predators. It is amazing to see how habituated these coyotes and bobcats become, when they are not persecuted. She is so lucky to be able to live surrounded by such wildlife richness.

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