Berkeley Bound

I thought this lady was super freaky. Even more freaky are the dolls she is holding. I don't know why a shop would have this as their window display. I can just imagine the dolls coming to life after hours. Boo!

The last few days have been great. I got out of the classroom and newsroom and just hung out with Sheryl and Adelena, one of my best friends from college and her 20-month-old daughter.


Over the last four days, we’ve been busy, and trying to keep up with the new little runner. We hung out in Midtown Sacramento one day, where we encountered the first part of the storm that has lasted the entire trip. We drove to the hills and had a picnic at a snowy playground. And today we kept it low key and spent hours at Chuck E. Cheese and Barnes and Noble.

berk_51Yesterday, we decided to brave the rain and cold and got up early and drove to Dublin, where we took BART into Berkeley. We both have been to San Francisco, and thought we’d try something a little different. We got off on Ashby Street and wandered around the weekend flea market in the BART station parking lot. It was different than the Stockton markets. Instead of a whole bunch of used items, there were booths of jewelry. (When I was going to school at Long Beach, there were these Jamaican women who sold $3 and $5 handmade earrings in front of the bookstore. The first time I went back to visit Long Beach, I found the ladies at school and spent $50 on unique earrings.) The Berkeley flea market was filled with the same types of earrings. It was exciting.

We walked along Ashby to Telegraph Avenue, the popular four blocks near UC Berkeley. There were a couple packed music stores, a bunch more earring vendors, overpriced “vintage” shops and some cute little cafes and diners. Supringsly, I didn’t buy anything. I’m a sucker for street vendors selling bumper stickers, post cards, cheap little things I can stick in a corner or something.


On the way back, however, I did buy. We stopped at Pegasus Bookstore and I got three calendars (hey, they were super cheap): One called “Salut” of vintage posters, one of Broadway musical posters (old school ones) and my ultra nerdy on, a kayaking calender (I’m having kayaking withdrawals, btw)).

It was also my first time on BART, and I think it’s one of the best things ever. No traffic. No parking problems. Just sit back, relax  and enjoy your looking through the day’s photos.


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  1. whitneyramirezphotography says:

    yupp BART is amazing

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