Goals for the new year

I can’t believe it’s been about a month since I’ve blogged. I guess that’s what holidays do to you.

Well it’s a new year, the obvious time for a fresh start.

Everyone’s talking about how bad resolutions are, but I disagree. I think you can call them goals or resolutions or things to accomplish. It’s never a bad idea to have something to work for. For me, the new year gave me a reason to write out my list, which is something that put things in perspective as I typed my list.

Some of them are small, some are bigger, but here is most of my list:

Take two of four needed classes to get into creative writing masters program.
Apply to masters program.
Drink more water.
Walk the dog every day.
Pack lunches (and dinner on school nights).
Kayak even in the winter.
Find cheaper car insurance.
Cook something good/fun/healthy at least once a week.
Take Sara — my Aussie/Chow — kayaking more.
Pay off one student loan.
Sign up for a 401k.
Don’t make any late payments.
Get at least one freelance job.
Make HUGE dent in credit card debt.
Take a photography class (official or unofficial).
Write a book.
Go to the dentist.
Get the brakes fixed on my car.
Plant my very own garden.
Complete one art guitar.
Pay for Spring ’08 tuition.
Read at least one book for pleasure a month.
In the Starbucks drive-thru, pay for the car behind me at least twice.
Only go to Starbucks once a week.
Upgrade my Mac, organize with external hard drive.
Keep my car clean.
Learn a new craft — wheel thrown pottery, bead-making, woodworking with a lathe.
Use canvas bags for groceries.
Get a physical.
Explore Modesto — I hear it has a cool Downtown.
Go to San Francisco at least once every three months.
Do something every week that feels girly — doing my nails, getting hair done, shave, facial.
Stop spending money on things that are cheap.
Take the dogs to the snow.
Use fewer plastic water bottles.
Contact old friends.
Eat out at restaurants only when I have to write about the restaurant.
Be a better blogger.
Eat more unprocessed foods.
Eliminate white sugar and white flour from my diet.
Answer my cell phone more; buy a Bluetooth so I can.
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3 Responses to Goals for the new year

  1. I like the last ONE!!! 😛

  2. laura says:

    me too i was just tinking that! i love all of them actually! i want to go kayaking soon! i want to do alot of those same things 🙂 so, know that i am a part of your support system sister! love ya, lucy

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