Soul shakedown at the beach

aptos_main21Foamy waves on the Aptos shoreline. A canal near the beach house. Manequin looking through the window. The girls. The bar on the beach.

Over the weekend, I participated in a Soul Shakedown. That’s right, a meditative, reflective, artistic and restful shakedown of the soul. AKA, a hippie-girl version of an unofficial bachelorette weekend at a beach house in Aptos.

We planned the weekend for months. Laura, Jen, Val and I were going to take a break from normal life and send Laura into married life with a refreshing renewal of herself, love and the environment. We planned to make headdresses in the spirit of the “Ya Ya Sisterhood.” We ran out of time, but Jen made a beautiful head dress. In the end, Jen was unable to go, but she was there in spirit as we created our own Jen with a large, silly photo and her tribal headdress. That way, she was with us the entire time. It’s kind of weird, we did actually refer to her as if she was there.


Jen was unable to go on our soul shakedown, so we took her with us. With a headdress she made, and a photo we printer of her, we created Jen. She enjoyed crackers, watched over as we baked cupcakes, took in the scenery and even took a nap with Laura.


Using beads we each hand-picked, we made Laura a wedding bracelet that she will wear until her wedding day; birdie earrings Laura made for me; Laura strung pearls she's had forever; Val contemplates the meaning of the next bead.

The weekend was seriously the most rejuvenating experience I’ve had in a long time. There was no house to work on. No work to stress over.

We arrived Friday night. It was raining off and on, and we were excited about the gloomy weather. We walked to the Sea Breeze, a local, hole-in-the-wall bar where people in Halloween costumes sipped cocktails and beer and listened to the band. After a short walk on the beach in the dark, we soaked in the hot tub on the roof. The mist and spurts of rain drops were cool on our faces and made the warm water steam.

Throughout the weekend, we soaked in the hot tub even more, made pom-pom balls that will be hung at Laura and Grant’s Mexico wedding in a few weeks. We also made a bracelet that Laura will wear until her wedding day. We each brought beads that had special meaning, or, beads we liked. We toaptos_foodok turns placing the beads and giving a reason for choosing each bead. Some of there were silly, others were more meaningful. In the end, I think the bracelet turned out super chunky and super cute.

We also ate a lot. On Saturday morning we had huge breakfast burritos from a little place down the street. They were so good. We also made our own “romantic” dinner by candlelight. The best part, and each of our deaths, were the lemon, cream cheese frosting, roasted coconut cupcakes. It’s one of Jen’s signatures, but she sent the ingredients with us since she couldn’t be there to make them for us. Let’s just say, bad idea. When “WE” tried roasting the coconut, it caught on fire! Flames started coming out of the oven. We stood there, shocked. I was ready to run to a neighbor for help. After pretty much fanning the flames by opening the door so many times, Laura started dumping cups of water on the fire. Phew. We were safe. We figured it was Jen and her flaming crown that caused it.

The rest of the weekend was a blast. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks Grant and Laura for showing me lovely Aptos and opening up your lovely beach house. And, I hope your soul is all shook up, too.

Love, Lorena de las Mariposas

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4 Responses to Soul shakedown at the beach

  1. Jen Howell says:


  2. lucy says:

    omg THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST SO FAR 🙂 i wish we could go back and do it all again this weekend. I wouldnt do anything different. The only thing I could complain about is that Jen wasnt there, but soon we will have a soul shakedown in her honor. For sure. Viva la craft revolucion! love ya bunches!

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