Artists’ studios


I love artists’ studios. I think studios — whether a garage, room or tiny corner — are more personal than any other room, including the bedroom. It’s where artists reveal what’s inside, where they are most vulnerable. Looking around different studios, you find so many great finds. On these inspiring and eclectic home art studios, there are cases of worn pastels, wooden boxes of goodies, paint brushes in pink water and a touch of personality and interior style.

What makes your studio or table top special? Is it the jars of brushes? Your meticulous organizational skills? Or is it the clutter that makes it a never-ending treasure hunt?

Since moving, I still don’t have an art corner. It’s pretty much an art bin and tackle box of paint. I’m really excited about creating my space. My first thing will be creating my wall of inspiration. It usually consists of a bulging bulletin board and stuff all around. It always puts me in a happy mood.

Every year, Lodi (and sometimes Stockton) have Open Studio Art Tours. I attended a couple of weeks ago with friends. It’s so fun. You travel around town, going into artists’ houses and seeing where they work. It’s always amazing to see how different everyone’s workspace is.

  These fun studios are from Flickr. Leave a comment if you want specifics.


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8 Responses to Artists’ studios

  1. Lucy says:

    This was so motivating! thank you lovey!

  2. christyanne says:

    I always love seeing other artists’ little creative coves! Its so inspiring and encouraging to to see the bulb from which all the fantastic creations bloom! I often think that sometimes our work spaces are the actual art itself…

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  4. heidi says:

    Hi! What a great blog I found here yesterday! I’m going to link to this post on my blog tomorrow. I started creating my own little creative work space over the last month… this inspires me to keep at it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Woolchin says:


  6. poetgranny says:

    love the peeks of your creative space. Colorful and fun but not too perfect = Inspiration!

  7. I haven’t had a studio space in a couple years (since a move), and I am terribly ‘homesick’. There is a comfort in looking at other artists’ studios.

  8. EmaBeesArt says:

    I have a little corner that is very disorganized. usually I like to have things pretty organized, but am making do with what I have. I really like the long skinny shelves in the first picture – I have so much stuff in boxes I plan on a shelf like that one day so I can see what I have and be inspired by my supplies.

    Thanks for putting together this great compilation! I started to do one on my blog post, but just linked to yours instead. Thanks for sharing!

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