Casa del Holga

You remember me blogging about my Holga, right?

She’s the cool so-called “toy” camera with light defects in her plastic frame that give photos oh-so cool effects.

Well, I never told you about her home. Just as I made Barbie and Ken and lil’ sis’ Skipper a home when I was a little girl, I have given my grown-up toy a place to rest between soft, purple felt walls. Really, it’s main purpose is to keep the latches coming undone when it’s loose in my bag. When that happens, the whole back of the camera comes off and ruins the entire roll of film — and that’s just sad.

So, here it is: Casa del’ Holga. I made it from scrap cardboard and wallpapered it with some of my favorite magazine art. I started with the bottom. I traced the actual camera to get the size and shape and then formed the walls, curving in all the right places to get a nice and secure fit. The top Velcros shut over the lens area.

I like the way it came out. I used a lot of cutouts from Lula (a British mag) and Nylon. They both feature ads and photos that have photos with some of the same vintage look I love so much. Sometimes, when collaging, I try to have a theme, but it usually works best when I just go with it. I love how so many styles are fused on this Holga case. There’s everything from a gyspy woman to Spanish woman and her llama, cityskapes and trucks in the dry grass, cartoon sayings and fantastical images of lovers in love. I always find a little inspiration as I unlock Holga.

(Top, left to right:) Front left, front right, back, bottom

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5 Responses to Casa del Holga

  1. Jen Howell says:

    so cool… can you do my camera bag… oh I have an idea….

  2. lucy says:

    i love that…… esp the sticker that says “here comes the sun” doobie dum dum…….. here comes the sun, i say…..its alright……….. That was the song my alarm clock played when i ws little. I just love that song…… and i love your casa de Holga. I hope I can meet her soon.

  3. bexadler says:

    Geez louise, you’re so creative! I SO wish you lived closer. Maybe you’d inspire me to get my paints out more often.

  4. L says:

    Hi Lauren- I’m Becca’s friend Leslie (from book club). Becca sent me your blog and I just have to say that this idea is simply BRILZ! My Holga came loose in my purse the other day and exposed the whole roll of film, after I had taken some awesome shots in an orchard. I was super sad. If only I’d had a Casa de Holga 😦

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