Ode to tattoos — especially the craftster ones

Don't judge my appreciation of this first one — there's just something hot about fiery guns. I just love the second photo, she has a tattoo on her arm that you probably can't see. I started looking at feather tattoos after my little sister got a huge one on her upper leg in memory of my Native American uncle who died this summer.

I don’t have any tattoos, but I love and appreciate so many of them (however, some are just ugly, sorry).

This is a tribute to the tattoos I’ve found over the months on Flickr. Some of these are so unique. I especially love the whole idea of getting a tat of inanimate objects.

If I had the cajones, I’d probably get something like a typewriter or maybe an elaborate collage (my own design). I especially love feet and finger tattoos.

One of my co-workers just started learning to tattoo. It seems pretty cool, though I’m getting worried about his canvas … I mean, his wife. It seems that at least once a week he brings his iPhone over to show a new tattoo he’s given her. Just kidding, Marc. On his blog, he promises to start posting photos…so hurry it up.

What do you have? Or, if you’re ink-less like me, what would you get, and where?

(If you want more information on these tattoos, they are all in my Flickr favorites. Or, you can go to www.flickr.com/laurennelson and click on my favorites.

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2 Responses to Ode to tattoos — especially the craftster ones

  1. lucy says:

    i love tattoos too. I really do. I want to get “make” on the inside of one wrist and “art” on the other. In an old typewriter font. But Grant says im crazy. If i got all the tattoo’s ive always wanted, i would for sure have full sleeves, which i think is so freaking sexy on a woah-man! grrrrrrrrrrr. meow. I also really love the poem by Tim Burton called Voodoo Girl and i would most definately want the pincushion heart tattoo 🙂 check it out. http://www.koikadit.net/TBurton/voodoo_girl.html

  2. bexadler says:

    I’ve been wanting to get my tattoo redone forever, but I haven’t found anything I love enough to do it. I may just get my butterfly one made bigger and more colorful….eventually.

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