How I kind of fit in an art project . . .

Right now. This second. Room dark except for the glow of the computer and Desperate Housewives on TV. Laying on the bed for the first time since morning. It’s the first time I’ve truly felt “at home” at the new house.

It feels pretty good, actually. This move, more than any other, seems to be unending.

My newly kinda "crackle" painted green book shelf. I'm also excited to get back to learning to play my guitar. It's excited to see sun now. For the last year, it's been stuck in the closet.

The huge thrift store chair.

Today, I got kind of a lot done. I’ve been lugging around this ugly brown bookshelf and I finally decided to paint it. I wanted to give it kind of an aged, unfinished look so I used a base coat of Elmer’s glue. When that dried, I repainted it with a teal-colored paint. It’s weird. Outside, it looked blue, inside green. In no way is the paint job perfect, but it gives my bedroom balance and a boost of color that I love. I know it’ll look a lot better once I put book on it (that won’t be until we do a faux finish on the walls).

Sara and ChaCha have their comfy bed too.

Sara and ChaCha have their comfy bed too.

I also brought in this huge chair that I didn’t think would fit in the house. But I love the chair. It was a $35 thrift store chair and it reminds me of a coffee house chair. Who doesn’t love lounging in a little good atmosphere?

Here on their new plush bed is Sara my Aussie-Chow and ChaCha, our mop. They love cuddling up in their own bed, and especially mine.

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4 Responses to How I kind of fit in an art project . . .

  1. Jen Howell says:

    I am on the bed folding towels watching Housewives. You gotta show me the glue technique!

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  3. lucy says:

    dude i sure wish i could see what carlos santana had to say, thats pretty awesome lorena. I bet he offered to teach you his special guitar techniques 🙂 or how to move your hips better while salsa dancing. I want to know more about this Elmers glue thing! what? you are holding back so much in our relationship. I thought we were closer than that. I love your coffee house chair and the color of that bookcase. Your guitar is drop dead sexy! meow.
    p.s. im gonna dognap sara, her face is just so kissable. Maybe I am a lesbian.

  4. I’m going to steal your dog! She’s so cool, lets put a barrel of whiskey around her neck and go for a hike!!

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