Flipping Finally!

Oh my little blog world, how I’ve missed you. I haven’t been ignoring you, I swear.

I’ve kind of been locked out of my blog, and it’s really sucked. But I finally figured out a short-term fix so I should be good to go.

If you’re a nerd and want to read my computer problem, or if you can HELP, keep reading.

OK — so I have a 3-year-old Mac. It’s a laptop. I used to use Safari for my Internet browser, but it can’t handle SOOOO many sites, including my The Urban Hippie on WordPress. Everytime I log in to do anything except read it, the whole program shuts down. And forget Internet Explorer, it doesn’t even let me log in.

So, I use Firefox, which seems to work pretty well. Except, because my computer is so old (Oh no, 3 years!), I have to use the older version of Firefox (I think it’s Firefox 2). Now Firefox is saying they are only going to allow users to use my version until mid-December and then users need to upgrade to Firefox 3.

You following me?

To upgrade to Firefox 3, I have to upgrade my Mac OS X 10.3.9 to something else. I think that costs a lot of money. I don’t know what to do. I can’t afford a new computer because I’ve already decided I’m sticking with a Mac, which means it’s going to cost a little more.

So, I don’t know what happened this last week. When I went online at my new house, Firefox just wouldn’t start. So now, I’m at the old house doing laundry and cleaning (well, OK, blogging). I had to download Firefox because it somehow disappeared from computer. But what’s weird is after I downloaded it again, it opened the tabs I was looking at when it closed days ago. Weird.

So, those are my issues. Please help. Does anyone know any other browser I can use that works with my computer. And, does anyone know what it takes to upgrade 10.3.9?

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3 Responses to Flipping Finally!

  1. Lucy says:

    If you disable your firefox browser and enable your foxymama browser, i think it should allow you to do everything you have been doing and more……….at the speed of light. If that does not work unplug that little dohicky and plug it into the thinga-ma-jig and you should be good to go. If both of those two things fail you, you are one screwed pussycat….and might as well upgrade to a damned PC.

    In case you couldnt tell, i was kidding 😉 DONT EVER UNPLUG YOUR DOHICKEY AND PLUG IT INTO YOUR “THINGA-MA-JIG” like EVER! If you need help turning on your computer, I am there for you girl. Oh, but, I can type as fast as the wind blows on a cold winters eve.

    yours truly,
    Lucy de las pollos.
    (i need a new name, the chickens wont come til spring.)

  2. Okay, don’t listen to crazy chicken mama! Clearly the whatchamacallit is to blame for all the whoseit going on! Geez. Amatuer. LOL! Loves Lucy…
    So , Laura I am thinking you name should have something to do with owls or the nighttime sky… I will explain later…

  3. Layla says:

    This foxymama browser idea has lots of potential!

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