Girl surf art I love

There was this long phase when I wanted to be a surfer. I wanted a super long longboard and an old clunker station wagon to put it on. Because I lived in Long Beach where there really are no waves, I, instead, had my friend make me a 5-foot-long skateboard in the shape of a skateboard. It’s still so cool, but sometimes I wish I could still be a surfer. I wish I could be Shannon McIntyre.

McIntyre is probably one of the coolest girls, ever. She’s not only the creator of these beautiful surf paintings, she’s a surfer, writer, surfboard shaper, filmer and host for “On Sufari” and a new mother. Nevermind that she’s also gorgeous and has that rockin’ surfer chic body.

Yes, she makes and designs boards. And yes, that on the left is Pippi Longstocking!

She’s known for her mellow, surf-seeking gypsy attitude toward life. Her paintings are largely inspired by her Christian faith, which I think is really cool because it’s obviously something that is real to her, not just tradition or something that sets her above everyone else. She’s also inspired by all of the great places she’s surfed and visited: Asia, Indonesia, Polynesia, Malanesia, Australia, South and Central America, Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. Isn’t that awesome?

Here’s what she says about herself and her work:

“I love making it look fun. I do my best to capture that moment in surfing where everything stands still and instant bliss overcomes you. These experiences are burned into my mind when all the colors of the water and surroundings are so intense, and my senses are overwhelmed by the taste of salt water, the sky,sounds of rushing water, joy, and pulsing adrenaline. It’s in these times that I especially give thanks to God for all of Creation, allowing us to be creative, and to Jesus for teaching us to walk on water.”

I love all of the colors and how she combines beautiful art with stars and things you’d see in a school girl’s note to her girlfriend. There’s something very whimsical, but also something very comforting and refreshing.

Now come on — just admit it. I know you want to be a surfer, too?!

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7 Responses to Girl surf art I love

  1. Lucy says:

    I love that you keep introducing different artists ive never seen before. I love Shannon’s style, she is very colorful like you! Her paintings are relaxing to look at and ANY girl who likes Pippi is cool in my book! Love, lucy.

  2. Jen Howell says:

    I want to be a surfer! I love the colors of her work!

  3. Courtney says:

    These are beautiful. So much colour and zest…
    Gives me the happies!

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  5. Gina says:

    I love it…where can I buy?

  6. JOe says:

    all i want to do is surf and play guitar

  7. Alex Tape says:

    I don’t need nothing more to be happy. Surf and Music!

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