Soaking up the end of summer

One of my favorite parts of last summer was floating on my pink air mattress in my green kiddie pool. It was in my backyard, on acres of dry fields. It kind of fit, in a strange way.

Can you tell summer is coming to an end? I can. I started using my comfy blanket at night again. I still sleep with the fan blowing on my, but on low instead of high. And I wore jeans in middle of the day yesterday and didn’t regret it. Actually, all I wanted to do yesterday was cuddle up.

But not today. I’m kind of in a mood to enjoy the last bits of summer. I took this photo about this time last year. It was before I moved into a house with a real pool. Though I couldn’t dive or float “around,” I could float with my feet on the edge of the pool, read a magazine and sip Dr.Pepper from pink and green staws.

Happy weekend.

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2 Responses to Soaking up the end of summer

  1. Lucy says:

    awwwwwwwwwww im so so glad its a better day in the neighborhood. I was thinking about you this morning, and this afternoon, hoping L-train was having a spectacular day. We had a BBQ at mickes grove w/G-love’s family and checked out the sad caged animals. But the only thing that made me sad were the birds. What’s worse than a caged bird. When I was little I had two little finches in my room. In the cutest vintage cage. One day my grandma cleaned the cage for me and accidentally set them free. I wasnt sad, so that told me alot. OH well, the monkeys were still hootin and seemed happy. Im gonna text you to see what you are doing now. kthanksbye.

  2. bexadler says:

    I love that picture. And I love that you did that! I sometimes wish I had a pool too…but I bet if I had one I’d never use it. Isn’t that how life always works?

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