Talking nerdy since 1957

Yeah, that’s what that says, except my scanner sucks — and so do my painting skills.

Today, the library had a mega sale on Life magazines dating back to 1940. 50 cents each. So awesome. I scored $7.50 worth of those black and white/retro colored mags with the funkiest advertisements. I can’t believe some of them were actually meant to make things like jam-proof zippers, chopped ham and bras seem cool. They’re so cheezy, so great for making art.

Or, should I say, trying to make art. That’s what I did tonight. Inspired by these retro mags and new paints, I went to the art notebook. What came out is this:

Talking nerdy since 1957

Talking nerdy since 1957 (If you can't tell, she's on a headset. 🙂 )

Then I was staring at this ad with this chick in the lake totally trying to flirt with this guy, when a preview for one of my favorite movies, Reality Bites, came on (yeah, I was watching an old movie). That scene popped into my head where Winona Ryder is talking to Ben Stiller and he’s like, “I’m a non-practicing Jew,” and she laughs and says, “I’m a non-practicing virgin.” It’s such a great line. So I made this little wanna-be postcard. It’s retarded looking, but I think it’s all about the suave lines.

Him: I'm a non-practicing Jew. Her: I'm a non-practicing virgin.

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3 Responses to Talking nerdy since 1957

  1. lucy says:

    i think my favorite part was the BRINGRRING! i stared at it and thought “what did she write on that hotdog?… OH its not a hotdog its a BRINGRRING! PHONE” Your work is so colorful and fun to me! i hope it wears off on me! Maybe my skys (In my paintings) will be less dark and more cheery! I think i need to go blog about my “friend” that has hoarding issues. Im really worried about her health. That mold not good for her to breathe.

  2. Jen Howell says:

    Lucy- The phone is clearly a macaroni pasta noodle!!!! Love you Lauren!!

  3. natalie says:

    I heard they were selling them, but never heard when…are they still selling them? …..
    P.S. I am going to have a little booth at the THurs night market this week, and next….hopefully you can stop by, and hang out f you want to!!!

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