ugh. it’s monday.

I don’t have time to write a real blog, but here are some things that have gone through my head today:

1. How I’d like to write a real blog but I can’t because tonight I’m at home writing for work. I love doing that, right?

2. How I’d really like to go back to that place in Chico that has the best-ever Mongolian barbecue.

3. How I wish I could help a friend who has a hard time saying, “no,” and, “I want a divorce.” (You know who you are (though I understand why it’s not a good time right now)).

4. How much I LOVE my friend’s secret blog, especially the one about a certain person’s personal problems.

5. How Dr. Phil and over-filled craft bins can be hilarious!

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3 Responses to ugh. it’s monday.

  1. bexadler says:

    Heh. Secret blogs are the best….erm, unless they get discovered…

  2. Lauren says:

    que horible! don’t say that. it’s impossible.

  3. lucy says:

    What about me? me me me me me? what about how much you love me! hahah you are hilarious dude, you make me laugh SO MUCH!

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