Stray cats

One of my closest friends and favorite photographers, the fabulous Jennifer M. Howell, has been talking about doing a photography collection of cats in the small town of Locke. There’s something very whimsical and mysterious about those river felines.

Can you spot the cat?

Can you spot the cat?

Looking through my photos from Monday, I realize two of my favorites are of Locke cats. This first photograph I took because I liked the flower and the window together. It wasn’t until I opened it on the computer that I realized there’s a cat sitting in the window. You can pretty much only see its eyes. It’s kind of creepy, but cool.

And the other photo is a typical sleepytime cat.

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One Response to Stray cats

  1. lucy says:

    Have you seen that big old shepardy dog out there? it’s as big as a bear and it moves as slow as a snail. It basically lays there for people to pet it. I havent been out there for a few months though, i hope he is still kickin. There is also a pretty dang cute (so ugly that he is cute) chiuahua (sp)

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