Paper, scissors and a little Mod Podge

My entire life, I’ve been obsessed with paper and scissors. I started cutting pictures out of magazines and pasting them on everything — boxes, books, journals, my bedroom walls. I made a book of all things “America” for my Brazilian friend in high school. Once I finished covering the outside of things, I started on the inside.

I thought I was alone. My family still thinks it’s a “Lauren” thing. I never heard about all of the amazing multimedia artists I’ve been discovering. It’s weird to see collages in the stores and on purses at Target and decorating the walls of houses in home decor mags. It’s so cool.

I thought I’d share some of my old collages. Some I really like, others … not so much. Some of them I made for a craft fair and sometimes it’s hard for me to do a project without someone in mind.

One thing I’m excited about is trying a different type of collage, not just magazine clippings. I’ve been trying to incorporate paints and pastels and chalk into my projects I’m working on. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Black Lagood Notebook

wishing candles

Four collaged match boxes

Four collaged match boxes

girl power

girl power

homemade postcards

homemade postcards

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7 Responses to Paper, scissors and a little Mod Podge

  1. sizzyphus says:

    They’re GREAT. U2

  2. christyanne says:

    Hey hey! =)
    I’ve just discovered your blog and think it is awesome! I also love collaging and writing poetry and think your collages are super groovy! Im a jewellery artist and have just started my own blog:

    keep up the style! *

  3. bexadler says:

    These are so super cool Lauren! I really like them. Did you make the ones at the top as well?

  4. Courtney says:

    These are so cool.

    Love the blog, all your entries and pictures are great!


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  7. Rosey says:

    I came across your blog looking at collages through google. I love it, it’s really neat! I’m the same way! I have stacks and stacks of magazines I just hack away at everyday. It’s my calming thing that I really enjoy. I like how you said your family calls it a “Lauren thing” lol my friends and family think it’s odd/funny that I do it. Well anywho I love your collages and I hope you’re enjoying incorporating other art medias into your work 🙂 Keep up the cool art! Have fun!

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