At the coffeeshop

Adelena loved the coffee shop ducks. I think she ate more bread than they did.

Adelena loved the ducks at the coffee shop. I think she ate more bread than they did.

I love long weekends. This one has been especially great because my good friend Sheryl and her daughter, Adelena, are visiting. Sheryl and I became friends and then roommates in Long Beach, when we were both in college. Sheryl stayed in Long Beach, and I moved to the Central Valley, so now we only see each other when the other decides to buy plane tickets instead of paying bills.

Every time we get together, we somehow get back to just how it was when we were in college. We weren’t the outgoing, frat party types — and still aren’t. We spent our weekends doing “homework” at coffee shops around Long Beach. We had our Rite Aid on the corner, where we’d buy everything from magazines to mac ‘n’ cheese and wine. The guy at the video store thought she and I were a couple so we played along (until he became our creepy myspace stalker). We’d choose a “Sex and the City” or “Six Feet Under” marathon over clubbing any night. Instead of taking day trips to posh malls in Newport Beach, we’d go to to the Downtown L.A. Fashion District (really just a huge flea market) or Tijuana.

Now we have an new addition, baby Adelena. I can’t believe she’s already 15 months. She’s the smartest baby I’ve ever known. She’s so beautiful. She barely cries. I like to call her my little Polynesian baby (even though she’s not Polynesian). I just saw her in May for her first birthday, but her face has already changed again. She has these big dark eyes and pouty lips Angelina Jolie fans would covet.

This weekend, like us, was low key — and definitely needed. We walked to the coffee shop and drank some attempt of a mocha and let Ade feed the ducks. Because we’ve all been taking turns being sick, I’ve had a little time to play with the camera and Photoshop. Here are some picks of a hot, hot Sunday spent with the ducks.

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One Response to At the coffeeshop

  1. Janice says:

    Hey! Can’t believe Sheryl has a cutie pie! You need to come down to LA or Ny and write for NYLON or some other artsy fashion mag…let me know when you do…peace…

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